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#12 Domain forwarding


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This quick video guide will help you set up domain forwarding in GoDaddy.

You bought a domain name, but you don’t yet have a website. No problem. You can start using your domain name already and send your customers to an existing web profile like Facebook page. This is called domain forwarding.

Let me show you how to setup domain forwarding in GoDaddy in under one minute. Note that other domain registrars will have a similar process (it will not look exactly the same though).

Domain forwarding in GoDaddy to direct traffic to a Facebook page.

If you’re getting this post in an email and don’t see the video above, go here to watch the video.

Here’s a step-by-step process as a quick review.

  1. Get into Domain management
  2. Get into DNS settings
  3. Locate the Forwarding tab
  4. Add forwarding for the domain
  5. Choose protocol as https://
  6. Add the destination address
  7. Choose forwarding type as Permanent (301)
  8. Click Save

You usually see the result right away. However, in some cases, it might take up to 48 hours for the redirect to start working.

Now you can add your domain name to your business cards, email signatures, stationery, and promotional materials. You can mention your domain name on social media to promote your brand.

I know you want to build your web presence in one fell swoop. But going step-by-step has its advantages. Keep at it and proceed one step at a time.

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