Empowering you to attract customers from search engines

Learn how to get customers from search engines. Start search engine marketing the right way.


Learning options

There are many ways to learn how to drive new clients from search engines. Some will fit you, others will not. Here’s a few learning options:

1-on-1 Coaching

Know exactly what steps to take to improve your business visibility in search engines.


Learn search engine optimization in a group of like-minded business owners that are eager-to-learn and share.

Custom training

Train your in-house team to build successful campaigns with search engine marketing integration.

You will learn

Search engine marketing is an exciting field that can be confusing at times. My goal is to simplify the approach and teach you practical skills.

Local search

Learn how to attract customers to your local business with local SEO.

Paid search

Learn to build and run your own Google Ads campaigns, control your budget and get new customers.

Organic search (SEO)

Learn how to create content that ranks and builds trust with your prospective customers.

“It was a pleasure to work with Alex because of his experience and customer-friendly approach. Alex educated our team, showed helpful tools and resources, and figured out the most valuable things to focus on. We doubled our search traffic in half a year.”

Andrey Khusid, Founder & CEO, Miro

Andrey Khusid

Founder & CEO, Miro