Get a clear picture of what you need to do with your website to make it highly visible to your customers. Book a coaching session today.

Attracting customers from search engines is easy when you know what to do.

I often hear that SEO advice online is a) too generic and b) there’s too much information.

As a result, business owners don’t understand how to apply that generic advice to their business and what to prioritize to attract customers from search engines most effectively.

My 1:1 SEO coaching session will help you answer: what do to and how to do it to drive customers from search engines for your particular business.

I’ve been fortunate to help many business owners in my career.

It was a pleasure to work with Alex because of his experience and customer-friendly approach. Alex educated our team, showed helpful tools and resources, and figured out the most valuable things to focus on. We’ve doubled our search traffic in half a year.

Andrey Khusid, Founder & CEO, Miro

I want you to experience the same a-ha moments I see in business owners after our calls.

Let me help you drive customers from Google the most effective way for you. This is how I do it:

a) Analyze your case using my 20+ years of experience and top industry tools.

b) Make sense of the findings as it relates to your specific business case.

c) Prioritize (in discussion with you) your next steps for the quickest results.

So, tell me about your case, I will review it and we’ll get on a 2-hour Zoom call to discuss findings and your next steps.

Alex makes the world of SEO easy to understand, helps clients identify and pinpoint where you want to compete for best results then ties it all together in a nice, neat package. He takes the time to get to know your business and gives great, prompt, personalized service. A nice guy to boot, if you want to rank better with Google, look no further.

Jo Williams, President, Not Your Average Jo

I will even show you how to implement those next steps right there on the call.

Start by answering a few questions so I can better prepare for our session.


These are sample topics for different types of business I’ve been coaching on. If you have other questions, include them when you complete the survey.

Local business owners

    • Google Business Profile (setup, optimization, maintenance, recovery, transfers, mergers)
    • Google Reviews (asking for, monitoring, responding to positive and negative, etc.)
    • Business citations (what it is and how it helps, auditing, updating, building, etc.)
    • Local content development
    • Local link building to increase brand awareness and improve rankings
    • Local SEO software tools to manage process
    • On-page optimization to maximize local rankings

    Alex is very knowledgeable at SEO. He is very good at explaining difficult things in an easy to understand way.

    Alex Gorelik, Land Surveyor, Gravity Surveys

    SaaS startup owners

      • Technical audit and setup recommendations
      • Content strategy review and recommendations
      • Content optimization
      • Customer journey development
      • Content team process
      • Competitive research
      • SEO strategy

      Helpful call with Alex about SEO — covered technical, content positioning, promotion etc. — both large and small scope. Thanks!

      Michael Alexis

      E-commerce store owners

        • Product page content review and recommendations
        • Category page content review and recommendations
        • Technical setup audit
        • Content strategy review
        • Content optimization
        • Ranking in Google Shopping results
        • Competitive research
        • Keyword research

        Very helpful insights from the call. Alex’s inputs were spot-on, and are going to be of immense help.

        Debajyoti Sharma

        Content creators

          • Technical website audit
          • Content strategy review
          • Content optimization
          • Competitive research
          • Keyword research

          I can say Alex is unique within the SEO industry. He is extremely knowledgeable about SEO techniques and concepts but is able to make the concepts digestible and easy to understand regardless of your experience level.

          Calin Daniel, CEO, Inbound Interactive

          Start by answering a few questions so I can better prepare for our session.

          Cost & value

          What it costs: $500

          How it helps you: Get a professional with 20+ years of experience to review your specific case and provide actionable recommendations. Get visual demo on how to implement.

          What I will do: Understand and research your specific case. Provide you with actionable insights specific to your business. Explain in an easy-to-understand way. Show you how I would do it using screen sharing.

          Next steps: Complete an intake survey (Book your session button), make a payment, schedule the session, do the session.


          Here’s a few SEO coaching client testimonials detailing my approach and results in their own words.

          Alexander is very knowledgeable and helpful! He’s been great at explaining how SEO works and what strategies would work best for my business.

          Julia Eskin, Wedding Photographer, Julia Eskin Photography

          Alex was able to clearly explain the importance of branded vs non-branded searches, how to properly position keywords within my marketing campaigns, like blog and social media posts. I learned a great deal about optimizing my website, that brings actual value to my audience.

          Timur Mutyshev, UX Designer, Timson Design

          Alex provided me with honest and straightforward advice. If you are looking for an SEO professional who is technically knowledgeable, has excellent customer service skills and great digital marketing savviness, then contact Alex.

          Miroslav Reljic, Speaker, Coach, Author, Reljic Coached

          Alex is a super professional. I got a very helpful consultation. If you are looking for a person who can help you grow your business he is the right person. Highly recommended!

          Lana Graph, Photographer, Lana Graph

          More recommendations on my LinkedIn profile.