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#8 Google turns off GBP websites


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Google just announced that websites built within Google Business Profiles (GBP) or GBP websites will be redirected to your GBP listing page.

The creation of websites with Google Business Profile is no longer supported. Existing websites made with Google Business Profiles will be turned off in March 2024. When your customers click your website, they will be redirected to your Business Profile and the redirect will work until June 10, 2024.

Edit websites with Google Business Profiles

Here’s the link to a detailed announcement page.

Here’s what you need to consider if you have a GBP website. If you know you have a GBP-based website but don’t know how to locate it, here’s the article.

Review your GBP website

Look at the pages, functionality of your current website. Compare it with content on your GBP.

If it’s the same, then you don’t need to worry. If it’s different, update your GBP to include all information from your GBP website.

This is all you will have to do for an easy transition.

Consider building a website

If you feel that GBP listing functionality is limiting you, consider building a new website using Wix, Squarespace, GoDaddy, Google Sites, Shopify, or WordPress.

I’m writing a guide about building a site using Squarespace. Let me know in the comments below or reply to email (if reading from mailbox) if you’d like to know more.

Think of authority transfer

When building a new website, ensure the page URLs/addresses are the same as your GBP-based website.

For example, your page slug (what goes after “/”) is the same on both websites.

  • GBP website About Us page address:
  • New website About Us page address:

If not, you will need to create redirects (301) to ensure links and visitors get to the right place on your new website.

This also ensures that any authority you accumulated on you GBP-based pages is properly transferred to pages on your new website.

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